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Hello, are there any tools like for Calva? (Continuous running code coverage indicator)


Not for Calva there isn’t. I wonder if cider-nrepl might have some coverage help. ping @bozhidar


What's the (intended) difference between 'Load Current Namespace in REPL Window' (ctrl-alt-c, ctrl-alt-n) and 'Switch Namespace in REPL Window to Current Namespace' (ctrl-alt-c, alt-n)?


Sometimes the ctrl-alt-c alt-n works (i.e. changes cursor in the REPL pane) only in the editor pane; sometimes only in the REPL pane.


The intended difference is to be able to switch to the namespace w/o also loading it. Not sure that is how it works though…


And 'loading' means 'evaluate all forms in the editor' (where the editor displays the Current Namespace)?


Yeah. Evaluate all forms in the file, as well as in all namespaces required and such.


Ah, ok, thanks for explaining!


And, would it make sense to make the key combo's work in both panels the same, or do they differ on purpose?


(I mean the respective key combo's)


I think it would make sense to have them resiprocal. So pressing it when in the editor would switch to that namespace in the repl window. And pressing it in the repl-window, would open/reveal the file for the repl window’s namespace.


But, having the REPL window “pull” the namespace of the “topmost” file might make sense too, if that was what you meant.


Maybe I don’t understand what you want to happen when you press it from the REPL window. However, this: > Sometimes the ctrl-alt-c alt-n works (i.e. changes cursor in the REPL pane) only in the editor pane; sometimes only in the REPL pane. Sounds like a bug.


I'm not sure myself yet what I would want to happen 🙂 For sure I had not taken the possibility into account that the editor could be showing yet another file/namespace when one is in the REPL pressing the switch-combo. I guess I'll have to use Calva for some more time while learning clojure.


I can recommend learning clojure inside the editors mainly, and skipping the roundtrips to that window. This ClojureScript Podcast episode is very enlightening, I think:


In the 'Calva says' output panel, when I click the 'lock' icon to open it, enabling auto-scroll, auto-scrolling gets disabled again by a click in the output area. If that's a bug, is it in Calva or in VSC?


VSC. Wether it’s a bug or a feature, idk. But very annoying.


Since you are a new user, I’d like to learn from how you use Calva, so sorry in advance if I sound like an inquisitor.


What did you look for in Calva says? Why did you click?


Because I'm not sure where to expect output to appear, I click around a lot. So at some point I noticed the locked icon. I remembered from another session that clicking the lock icon enabled auto-scrolling. After clicking to unlock, I happened to want to grab the scrollbar to drag. But I mis-clicked, and saw the status of the lock icon changing. e.g. ctrl-alt-c e does not evaluate a form, ctrl-alt-c v does. Calva says also has a few links in its welcome message, which may be a reason for people to click in it.


Thanks, @roger429. This is good information! The result is also available in the hover of the evaluated form. You can bring that hover up via the keyboard also. It’s cmd+k cmd+i on Mac. Maybe ctrl+k ctrl+i on Windows and Linux.