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Only 3 more weeks until AoC 2019. Who's in?


Not sure yet, did them all last year, all with Java, some with Rust or Clojure. Want to do them all with Squeak this year, but not sure if I have enough time.


I'd really like to but I remember the past few Advent of Codes and it was a bit of a burden on my day job and sleep, so I think I'll skip this year, spending my free time on other side projects.


Still stuck somewhere in mid-2016 😉


I'll likely do the same thing I did last year (and the year before)... peter out after about a week


Tough call. I loved doing 2018 (first AoC, and first time solving really obtuse problems in Clojure). But I'm more loaded-down this year (halfway through a Coursera specialization, working on a vanity-project website, and planning an April wedding), so I'm not so sure. Last year was mostly harmless, except for one day (the Rogue-like combat one, 15, I think?) that just wrecked me.


we’ll see

Mario C.23:11:02

@potetm Will you be doing videos of the solutions? If so plz let us know!