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@nate @borkdude I can see where you’re coming from yes. Especially with the convention to model data as flatly as possible as @nate is doing, then this doesn’t add a lot of value probably. I have never used something like that, I’m just curious 🙂


I enjoyed that episode, thanks! The concept of lenses itself is kind of new to me, so it is great having a look at it through your Clojure-lens. I’m intrigued about the reuse vs implement yourself decision by the way. I’m getting the impression (not just from you) that the Clojure community is a bit less keen on taking dependencies in than e.g. the JavaScript community. Not sure if this is because of Clojure, FP, or JavaScript 🙂


Hahaha, I think it's likely all three to some degree.


I've learned that different communities have different values


the Clojure community values simplicity, and that leads many to look at something that has a lot of general functionality (and usually more complexity because of it) and decide to write something small that just does what they need

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Awesome, I’m looking forward to listening to it next week, thanks!! 🙏