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those who use it as a linter might be interested in this new feature: Joker can now lint directories and report globally unused namespaces and public vars:

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I'm trying to build it locally using Go 1.13.4 on OS X, but:

15:21:26 ~/workspaces/golang/src/ > ./ --version && go install
./a_cli_data.go:6:2: undefined: cliData
./a_math_data.go:6:2: undefined: mathData
./a_time_data.go:6:2: undefined: timeData
core/object.go:1: running "go": exit status 2
Don't know my way around the go ecosystem. Any pointers?


name := f.filename[0 : len(f.filename)-5] // assumes .joke extension
in gen_data.go should change "tools_cli.joke" into "tools_cli" but seems to be just setting it to "cli".


Which fork/branch of Joker is this?


Reason I ask is, when I build from master in the official Joker repo on my Mac OS X laptop, it works fine.


Further, I don't end up with any a_cli_data.go, a_math_data.go, or a_time_data.go files in core. I think they were renamed (to a_tools_cli_data.go) or moved out of core (to std) awhile back.


Ah, yes, I suspected a dirty workspace! In one of my forks/branches, I have rm -fv core/a_*.go before go generate in I think I might have submitted a PR adding that awhile back, but maybe not....


I deleted core/a_cli_data and friends at it worked. This was a workspace that had been hanging out for a while. Probably would have worked if things had been clean.