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Maybe there is an example how to add real useful native component (camera or geolocation) to re-natal template project?


@ivana that's something i've looked for before without much success -- haven't tried lately though. if you haven't tried doing searches at github for re-natal or those were some of my previous starting points. i'd like to see some examples too 🙂


Thanks, I watched these and nested links, but unfortunately did not find anything about native bridging. I have spent 2.5 days for researching a react native functionality, with or without expo, for making a desision can we use it for mobile app in our project on not. I was quite optimistic, but now after such experience I tend to real native apps, cause native bridges are terrible. I successfully add only one - modal dialog wrapper, but it is not sufficient of course. I have weekends, thow. Maybe I'l fin out a mojo on them, but it is hard to hope 🙂


fwiw, another place i looked before was among phonegap (and the like) projects -- iiuc, there is a fair bit of similarity wrt working with native modules


Yes, there are a lot of toys - flatter, and many others. But our team is all of clojurists, so we had a dreams about cljs in rn


ah, i wasn't suggesting to use other things -- just that some of the code and approach may be adaptable to re-natal -- i suspect others have done it, but the android world being what it is, results may not be so readily shared(?)

Ramon Rios16:11:51

Is there something to have responsive layouts?


are there any examples of doing using shadow-cljs without expo?


thank you! I was combing the the examples repo, didn’t think about searching the org