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@cfleming "Wallaby, which is amazing" it really is astounding. "I would like to provide it" is there a roadmap or do you have a ETA on it being implemented?


No, I’m afraid it’s strictly at the “would be lovely” stage at the moment, sorry.


Sorry, slack lost history, what is this wallaby referring to?


Not sure if this is a question for datomic channel or not - but when requiring namespaces from datomic ions: [datomic.ion.cast :as cast] and [datomic.ion.lambda.api-gateway :as apigw], when using vars in those namespaces such as apigw/ionize, cursive highlights the symbol with "cannot be resolved". Anyone know a fix for this?


looks like not many ppl are using ions here. im also just an on-prem user atm, but everything in datomic.api resolves for me. i was prompted to generate stubs and afterwards everything was resolving, though not instantly. it took about half a minute for the resolution errors to disappear in some of my already opened files.


Thanks for the reply - I figured stubs generation would be the thing, but it wasn't popping up. Do you know a way to trigger stubs generation manually?


looks like the answer is here


Currently this is only supported for a hard-coded list of namespaces for projects which are known to be problematic.


@U051V5LLP That’s right, but both namespaces you’re using are on that list. If you refresh your lein/deps project in the relevant toolwindow you should be prompted again to create the stubs.


@cfleming awesome, thank you!