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Hi there, I am trying to set up protorepl for my co-worker


I haven't used atom very much in the past, and I am having trouble understanding how namespace switching is supposed to work


Is it the case that when I focus a source file in Atom, the repl should automatically switch to that namespace?


That's not happening for me, or it seems to happen only sometimes


Most of the time I get messages Unable to resolve symbol when I try to access symbols in that namespace after focusing the repl.


It seems that I always remain in the user namespace.


I have [proto-repl "0.3.1"] in dependencies for the project.


@amoe It doesn't automatically do that when a file is focused. That's an interesting idea. Typically you will select some code or place your cursor in a block of code and send that to the REPL via a keyboard shortcut. Proto REPL knows what ns it comes from so it executes it in the ns of the file.


so it switches namespace "just in time"


I wondered, is it possible to get any red/green display of tests that were run using clojure.test?


At the moment, my test is generating a lot of logging output, and it seems like the logging output is making the test success / fail status scroll off the screen.


@jasongilman regarding boot: I have looked at using a boot task based on to replace It is pretty nice. There are some issues: * The default Boot Args are more complex than is needed: now just proto-repl * The version of a transitive dependency [proto-repl-charts "0.3.2" :exclusions [org.clojure/tools.namespace]] * The new (require '[system.boot :refer [system]]) (deftask proto-repl [] (comp (watch :verbose true) (system :auto true) (repl :server true))) The main improvement is better updating of the repl state when the files change.