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@savelichalex @anmonteiro I can confirm exp detach just works for me, very exciting! I'm using, the difference between the template from CRNA is it generates an Expo (Exponent renamed to Expo recently) app, use its integrated services (push notifications, etc).


Hi, I would appreciate a little hand here. I just started developing using re-natal, and I am kind of stuck on how to use react methods. For example I built a TextInput but it seems none of onChange or onChangeText is working. (def input-box (r/adapt-react-class(.-TextInput ReactNative))) usage as [input-box {:style {:font-size 14 :font-weight "normal" :width 220 :on-change #(alert (.-target.value %))}}]


@m-arch The :on-change should not be unde the :style key but a sibling to :style.


oh, i see Thanks


I am currently working on a couple of projects with reagent, re-natal, re-frame and I am ending up with duplicate wrapper code for react-native libraries. So I was thinking of making these wrappers into open source libraries and put them on github and clojars. Are there currently similar initiatives ? So that it would make more sense for me to join efforts.


wrappers / libraries that I am about to publish can be found here:


Hi guys, Things are going extremely slow, anyway i was thinking if there is a good guide to start with re-natal I am managing things here and there. I am stuck again at getting the target value, using a TextInput : (def input-box (r/adapt-react-class(.-TextInput ReactNative))) when i evaluate while typing : [input-box {:style {:font-size 14 :font-weight "normal" :width 220} :on-change #(alert (.-target.value %)) :value (:current-message @app-state)}] I get nil but i was expecting to see the typed character


(.-target.value %) -> (.-target (.-value %))


@m-arch this has nothing to do with re-natal, it is basic interop with js


@misha thanks, i meant generally i am advancing pretty slow with reagent and clojurescript