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Today I merged `acid.nvim`'s testing branch into master . This means that: * Commands now can be mapped to opfuncs, taking motions; * The eval command has been reimplemented, mapped to `cp`: * `cpp` evals the whole code block; * `AcidEval` can take a form to eval; * `AcidEvalPrompt` will prompt for the form; * Command maps can be customized through `let g:&lt;command_name_in_snake_case&gt;_command_mapping`; * Command maps for shorthands (such as `cpp`) can be customized through: `let g:&lt;command_name_in_snake_case&gt;_shorthand_mapping` (will repeat last letter of `*_command_mapping` if not set); * AcidRequire is smarter and requires only namespaces within the project; * Jars can be navigated into using `AcidGoto`, which was renamed from `AcidGoToDefinition`; * A new handler for eval has matured, `MetaRepl` which has many interesting features that I won't explain now!