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I'm not sure it's in that function - response passed in doesn't have both tempids anyway. Maybe the parser doesn't work that way?


@tony.kay about post-mutations, I'm thinking would be nice to have the full environment there, not just the state, for a couple of cases: 1. depending on the the response, extra loads/operations might be needed, but without reconciler it gets tricky to call those without relying on globals 2. I'm currently experiencing a case where after the load I would like to transact something again about the original ref, but when it gets there there is no ref anymore. Yes I can send on the extra params, but would be more convenient if just got passed though


@wilkerlucio when upgrading untangled-spec I ended up wanting #1, but after talking with tony a better load sequence emerged that didn’t need a post-mutation to trigger a load As far as #1 goes, we ended up punting, because it’s not exactly a simple thing to trace/debug once you allow for it, but there are some cases where its necessary. So maybe spend some time seeing if you can re-work it, and if not i’d make sure tony has a look.