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Any idea why would emacs on os x stops overwriting mouse selection and paste at cursor insead?


it's not the delete-selection-mode. that is enabled and works when I type stuff it overwrites selection it doesn't work when I paste stuff anymore and drives me nuts 😞


@sineer I thought delete-selection-mode should also apply to yanking text. My first thought would be to use C-h k to find out if the keychord or mouse button you use to paste text has been rebound for something specific to the mode or something unexpected


Thanks! It turns out someting breaks when I enable parinfer-mode and as soon as I disable that mode the normal paste overwrite selection behaviour comes back... I have no idea why as it used to work and I didn't change anything I can think of, now I can't go back to proper behavious and have to disable parinfer mode that I'm not sure I can live without 😞


@sineer this kind of pasting can sometimes be wonky in smartparens-strict-mode, which I tend to use for Clojure. Not sure if parinfer-mode is rejecting the paste because it think it would cause unbalanced parenthesis?


is it true that the letter after a q is always a u? ie. always qu ?


if so, I' tempted to bind qh qj qk ql to other things


@qqq in English? It's true for all spelled out words except for some very strange words (like "qi"); but it's not necessary true for acronyms or for programming variables (like "QA")


@tanzoniteblack Thanks for the reply! Unfortunaely, I haven't found out why parinfer-mode refuses to overwrite selection when pasting even too I tried several different combination of modes and even different emacs to no avail.


I don't think it's parinfer refusing to overwrite becaus of potential unbalanving or parens seeing how to does paste just after the selection after all but also I tried several simple text edit even with no parens it does that