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@lucianboboc for anything Cursive related, please, use #cursive channel


Is there any reason not to use defrecord for some code used both for the jvm and javascript? I have a couple of map objects that I use in a couple of places, and defrecord seems to be a good way to make the code less verbose.


hi people, what editor, IDE is the goto for clojure?


@us3r64: There are quite a few good options now - what are you most comfortable with for other programming languages?


vim, vscode


There is a vim option - check out the Clojure Tools section at for a good list


I was thinking a real IDE like IntelliJ should help there ...


IntelliJ with Cursive is what I'm using, it's pretty awesome 🙂


i should better ask, is worth going for a IDE?


That part I'm a little less sure of - both Cider (in Emacs) and Cursive have large numbers of Clojure devs who are very happy with them. I love Cursive as it is really, really easy to get started with and works very well, but I don't really use many of the real IDE features like I do in something like C# - it doesn't seem as necessary to me. But both Cider and Cursive have debugging tools that seem to have some pretty good features, so it's probably worth trying and seeing which of the different options really grabs you.


sounds good, thanks :thumbsup:


@us3r64 If you’re used to vim / vscode editors, then I’d say stick with vim or try Atom / ProtoREPL. The vim / Clojure story is pretty good I gather (I’m an Emacs guy at heart tho’ — but I switched to ProtoREPL four months ago and I’m loving that).


As @shaun-mahood says, try a few editors and IDEs and see what you like best.


@seancorfield: Have you stuck with ProtoREPL full time since you switched? If so, that seems like a pretty strong recommendation!


Yes. My Clojure editor trajectory went from TextMate when I first learned in 2010, to Eclipse/CCW for a year or so, then SublimeText for a short while, then Emacs — for years… after a 20 year break! — and then ProtoREPL full-time since Conj.


I’ve tried several versions of IntelliJ and I just can’t stand it for some reason.


I have Atom / ProtoREPL configured with Emacs key bindings so it mostly feels like a “modern Emacs”. I believe there’s a vim key binding package too?


looks interesting that combo Atom / ProtoREPL 🙂


@seancorfield: I find IntelliJ somewhat unsettling, but Cursive is fantastic - I'm coming from Visual Studio as my primary editor for years so I assume there's some part of me that is still fighting the .NET/JAVA wars.


@us3r64 There’s a #protorepl channel if you try it and need help.


For vim there’s a #vim-fireplace channel.


nice, thanks