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Hey, just saw the talk about proto-repl from the Conj. Looks awesome! I had heard good things about it, but now I'm actually thinking about giving atom+proto-repl a chance.


One thing that came to mind though was that there's a bunch of proto-repl namespaces for tooling and such, do you commit those into the namespaces, or should they be added and removed whenever you need them? I guess the real question is, if my team uses a variety of editors, do the proto-repl specific namespaces cause problems or not


@kauko That's a good question. Most of the people I work with all use it but a few use different things. We stick the Proto repl dependency in the Dev profile and require save in the user clj. You can probably get away with not including anything in your project and just using the leiningen profile.clj to add it as a dependency.


One thing Cursive does is try to avoid requiring any code to be imported by the project and load anything needed at run time. I like that approach and might change to that in the future.