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@souenzzo shared a script which implements a tiny http server using sockets in java. In the latest release bb added support for sockets and this script runs with it: it's a nice alternative to python -m SimpleHTTPServer with similar startup

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I just kicked off the first project-updates message. Feel free to share your enthusiasm about your own or other projects here, no matter how small the update 🙂

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👋 @lee Thanks for rewrite-cljc, I've been using it in and so far no-one has complained 🙂

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If you have any updates regarding it, feel free to spam me here (or #rewrite-clj )


Ha! Thanks @U04V15CAJ, I’ve been away from coding for a few weeks now. I am missing it and am looking forward to getting back to it!


Hope you're doing well!


I am thanks, I just have to deal with some mundanities before getting back into the clojure hammock.