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Hello, I'm happy to announce a new support library for core.async, this library attacks the following problems: 1. use of promise-channels in general 2. core.async error propagation 3. JS promises integration with core.async 4. testing core.async user code with cljs.test You can find the library at: I open a clojureverse thread to discussions around it: I hope you enjoy, and happy new year!

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> lein-git-inject Leiningen middleware which computes the "version" at build-time - from the ambient git context (think tags). Also allows this "computed version" to be automatically embedded in your ClojureScript application for use at runtime (think logging, display, etc)

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This is great, been doing it "manually" by having a macro that loads the git repository on compile time. Great to have something reusable πŸ™‚ Thanks!


I guess you've already seen @U051MTYAB ? Saw that you're shelling out to git cli and doing bunch of matching, with clj-jgit it would be a bit simpler

Bryan Duxbury18:01:52

We just released a library that extends Nippy serialization to Clojure fns:

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Interesting one! I gave it a quick read. Note the existing channel desc: > Avoid cross posting in #news-and-articles

Bryan Duxbury18:01:52

whoops my bad... first time announcer

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as of lately we're trying to tighten the focus of the channel, unless something is an announcement of practically global interest. For setting good example you might want to delete the #announcements version and leave the other as-is. Thanks!

Bryan Duxbury18:01:54

i just did the opposite. keep that in mind for the next time around


Fair enough. Desc wasn't exactly clear tbh


@U45T93RA6 Since this is a library announcement, I think it's fine here (I'm one of the Admins here @UM8DMC9FT)

Bryan Duxbury19:01:41

cool, appreciate the guidance. hopefully not the last package i get to announce.


Whoops. This was posted to #news-and-articles first so I was biased to read it mostly as an article


Agreed that it shouldn't have been cross-posted there too. Remember that we're trying to maintain a "light touch" here rather than trying to become the "Channel Police" πŸ™‚

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greglook19:01:49 0.10.1 is available now for all your code-formatting needs! cljstyle is a binary tool for checking and fixing formatting errors in your Clojure code. This minor version includes a new pipe command for easy editor integration.

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Just published a new version of the Socket REPL package for Atom Chlorine - version 0.3.9. On this version, support for Clojerl REPLs, and a simple fix on Autocomplete for "earmuffs" vars πŸ™‚. Discussions on #chlorine channel

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