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Hello, I'm happy to announce a new support library for core.async, this library attacks the following problems: 1. use of promise-channels in general 2. core.async error propagation 3. JS promises integration with core.async 4. testing core.async user code with cljs.test You can find the library at: I open a clojureverse thread to discussions around it: I hope you enjoy, and happy new year!


> lein-git-inject Leiningen middleware which computes the "version" at build-time - from the ambient git context (think tags). Also allows this "computed version" to be automatically embedded in your ClojureScript application for use at runtime (think logging, display, etc)


This is great, been doing it "manually" by having a macro that loads the git repository on compile time. Great to have something reusable 🙂 Thanks!


I guess you've already seen @ ? Saw that you're shelling out to git cli and doing bunch of matching, with clj-jgit it would be a bit simpler


Interesting one! I gave it a quick read. Note the existing channel desc: > Avoid cross posting in #news-and-articles


whoops my bad... first time announcer


as of lately we're trying to tighten the focus of the channel, unless something is an announcement of practically global interest. For setting good example you might want to delete the #announcements version and leave the other as-is. Thanks!


i just did the opposite. keep that in mind for the next time around


Fair enough. Desc wasn't exactly clear tbh


@ Since this is a library announcement, I think it's fine here (I'm one of the Admins here @)


cool, appreciate the guidance. hopefully not the last package i get to announce.


Whoops. This was posted to #news-and-articles first so I was biased to read it mostly as an article


Agreed that it shouldn't have been cross-posted there too. Remember that we're trying to maintain a "light touch" here rather than trying to become the "Channel Police" 🙂

greg31619:01:49 0.10.1 is available now for all your code-formatting needs! cljstyle is a binary tool for checking and fixing formatting errors in your Clojure code. This minor version includes a new pipe command for easy editor integration.


Just published a new version of the Socket REPL package for Atom Chlorine - version 0.3.9. On this version, support for Clojerl REPLs, and a simple fix on Autocomplete for "earmuffs" vars 🙂. Discussions on #chlorine channel