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has anyone come up with a simpler way than: to setup a build environment for windows 10 for use with java 8 based graals? i've tried building using the setup for java 11 based graals (vs 2017 + a couple of options -- a one-liner in chocolatey), but that doesn't seem to work for java 8 based graals.


looks like there is a simpler way -- the following seems to work: in brief: * choco install windows-sdk-7.1 * install "Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Service Pack 1 Compiler Update for the Windows SDK 7.1" from;id=4422 that appears to be enough -- at least i was able to build clj-kondo successfully


I wanted to create scoop out of this, but honestly this is far beyond my chi. Would be super cool if there would be docker image (for Windows!) that has all of these preinstalled where one only put some jar or mount volume and binary exe is produced. Unfortunately, that's too much and I don't even have Windows Pro version that's required to run Docker on Windows.


note that the author of the post seemed to have some issue with existing redistributable removal (not sure if that is important)


Might be nice to add to the docs


which docs?


the Windows build docs of clj-kondo


ok, PR submitted


Another cool graal thing:

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building binary-runtime CLI tools with Clojure is realizing a long-awaited dream from my early days with the language

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