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The content type thing seems to keep causing issues


I’ve seen NPE come from it from certain URLs too (not images either)


Seems like if it were to exists it should have been really permissive about error cases and just fall back to not doing its image stuff.


(I think that’s what it does? )


I agree, it should catch exceptions and just display the URL object with no complaint if it turns out to be something that isn’t a loadable image.

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Whoa, I never knew Cider could handle images - any way this could be enabled in regular eval overlays?


(My workflow almost never involves viewing the REPL buffer)


@qythium Currently not, but it shouldn’t hard to build. We just couldn’t figure out the best way to display rich data for interactive evaluation. Inserting it in the buffer would be ugly, using the minibuffer is not an option and using a separate buffer might not be to everyone’s liking. Not sure if we have other options. At any rate - all the groundwork exists.


@mikerod @deep-symmetry Yeah, unfortunately the current solution is a little more than an alpha version and it needs some love. The original author of the feature no longer works with Clojure and progress on the rich inline results stalled afterwards. We’re looking for a hero to pick this up, as I’m knee deep in other tasks across all the projects.


Ah, that’s unfortunate! Since even when it works it’s a somewhat frivolous feature, and as things stand it breaks on people who aren’t trying to do rich inline results, perhaps it should default to off until it is robust? I wish I could dive in to help but I’m also drowning in my own projects.


@bozhidar yeah, makes sense. I wonder if there are already issues logged for it to work from?


I get the following when i try i run cidder-connect-clj

[nREPL] Establishing direct connection to <computer>-1:44589 ...
helm-M-x-execute-command: [nREPL] Direct connection to <computer>-1:44589 failed
Where can i go to find out more about why it failed?


I assumed the cider error messages buffer, but that buffer doesn't seem to be open (or i cant find it) so i assume it has no information.


*Messages* perhaps? @drewverlee


That is from the messages buffer.


It seems i was picking the wrong host. I had two host options (for as long as i can remember) and they both always worked, until now. I'll have to look into it.


I need to figure out how to get information about those hosts. But i'll look into that after i get stuff done.