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I might comment on the astonishing patience and fanaticism of some people to work on things, but then I remember I like computer programming as a hobby 🙂

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Yeah, that looks a lot like frontend programming for sure.

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Damla Yıldırım15:01:29

Hello everyone! ☺️ Most of the developers work for a long time in front of a monitor which is non-ergonomic. We know a lot of developers whose back, neck, back pain become chronic. For this reason, we have created the MoovBuddy App to be used by developers. In the previous version, among our users, there were a lot of office employees who were able to work more comfortablely during the day by doing simple exercises. By doing these exercises you can also relieve the pain that you experience while you're working. All of our exercise programs are created by the joint work of doctors and physiotherapists. In addition to posture and strengthening exercise programs, we have specific exercise programs for pain relief. Half of these programs are free. You can download the application and start using it immediately: It's been 14 days since the release and your feedback is really important to us. If you like the app, please do not forget to give 5 stars and comment. I would love to get some feedback from you. Thank you!🙏


@USBFD6X1C @U04V70XH6 This sounds like spam to me

Damla Yıldırım17:01:44

We created this app and i just wanted to share it with you. Because i know that this app has a real value for developers, for their health. And i also think that you are the right people to give us some feedback.


Thanks @U0677JTQX -- post deleted and the spammer account deactivated.

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One of my side projects is a news article aggregator. I have a microservice that fetches the articles and I want it them to be placed in a sink before they're passed along into a pipeline that does some work on them. My question is about the sink. I'm thinking about if I should use a document database such as Mongodb, or stick to a relational database. Articles would only be written to the database once, would seldomly be read again. Fields might change as time passes, and I wouldn't exactly know the max size of fields such as article_body.


So I'm kinda leaning towards Mongodb, but I'd love to hear what other people think


What does MongoDB offer you here that e.g. PostgreSQL doesn't?


I'm not an expert in PostgreSQL, so I could not answer that. Mongodb would however have certain benefits over MySQL


Like what?


One good one is, it's easier to handle changes in the database Spring side


But I've been advised on Postgresql before, saying it can be quite good for documents


Not sure what "Spring side" means, to be honest. Yes, PostgreSQL has the JSONB type that can be indexed and queried.


Oh sorry, the Microservice that fetches the articles, puts them in a sink and passes them along to the pipeline is written with the Spring Framework


Sometimes I forget that people don't know what I'm writing what in 🙂


Oh no, I was hoping I'd never see the name again. :D Can't say anything about combining it with either of the DBs. It probably has something to do with an ORM, right? And I hope I've stopped using ORMs for good, and I wish everyone had this freedom.


I'm rather new to Clojure and functional programming in general, so it still feels weird to me that someone can work better/faster without ORM. But I might change my mind as I learn more


@glfinn83 As someone who has used a whole lot of different ORMs in multiple languages dating back to the days of "Object Databases" (shudder!), I'm extremely happy that Clojure eshews ORMs in favor of "just plain data" 🙂


Once you get used to thinking in data instead of thinking in objects, you will forget all about the horrors that are ORMs! (The "Vietnam of Computer Science")


in my experience - in the long term what gets hard is the actual business logic, not the code object to db layer mapping ... so the automation of the latter isn't as crucial as you'd think 🙂


(I detest ORMs so much that I've given conference talks on the topic 🙂 )


and mixing in relation db stuff with some json fields gives you pretty much any liberty you'd want to take 🙂


i use jsonb often when i don't know exact requirements ... implementing wrong fieldsets, orm or not, is a waste of time


project lombok is in the same pond with orms for me ... it turns out i don't really spend my time writing setters and getters either ... so automating that and making everything more complex isn't really helping me


your mileage may of course vary 🙂


@kulminaator Yeah, exactly. Thing is, I went with Java/Spring for this microservice because I know how to automate quite fast in Spring. But from these months of playing with Clojure I can clearly see how writing business logic with it can be a awesome thing. So instead of trying to do this microservice in Clojure I decided on Spring, but instead I'd spend at least an hour or two a day meddling with Clojure.