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I reach out to the collective powers of this channel. Last year, if my memory serves, there was somone on t'interwebs that offered their book (as a PDF) for a one day(?) only free download that was all about SQL optimisation and related topics. The author, I believe, has some reknown as a SQL guru and is well placed to write a book like this. I forgot to download the book and I'm now trying to find out where I can source it from (to buy, as I would like to support the author). My google-fu (and duckduckgo-fu) is lacking and I can't find the author or their book. Anyone recall this?


The book is from the author who is better known for


That's the one!


Thank you! I knew The Collective wouldn't fail me ๐Ÿ™‚

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@seancorfield I found that youโ€™re also maintaining honeysql, maybe this is the best solution for me (mixed with the honeysql-postgres) for my upsert issue?


I know that library is pretty well maintained and PG users seem to like it. Since I don't use PG I've never looked at it.

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