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Björn Ebbinghaus10:01:48

Has anyone a clj-kondo config that deals with defmutation? Since action, remote, ... aren't fully qualified, I can't use the :lint-as option to lint as fn


@mroerni You can configure clj-kondo to ignore specific symbols inside a call to defmutation in the :unresolved-symbol linter

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Björn Ebbinghaus10:01:43

I did this, but then I get the error about the unresolved parameters. Is there a way to skip these?

(action [{:keys [state app]}]
  ...              ^    ^     unresolved


Maybe just ignore all symbols then in that macro

Björn Ebbinghaus12:01:09

Do you mean adding state, app,... to the unresolved-symbol list? Or is there a way to specfiy "Ignore this, in the scope of that" ?


yes: > To exclude all symbols in calls to riemann.streams/streams write :exclude [(riemann.streams/streams)], without the vector.


@mroerni how’s clj-kondo working for you?


i’ve been waiting for a good cross-platform clj/cljs/cljc linter, seems like this one might be it

Björn Ebbinghaus07:01:58

@U09FEH8GN to be honest I just installed it yesterday, so my experience is quite limited. (To get going was easy and you have direct highlighting in the IntelliJ Editor.) I am not satisfied with the linting of cursive, so I am trying something new.


ah i see, thanks


I am using the fulcro-master-template as a starting point for my SPA, but Fulcro Inspect (which I have installed) returns no app connected. Any suggestions?

Björn Ebbinghaus11:01:53

I had the problem that I had to allow chrome to use 3rd party cookies. Don't know if this is still a problem.


@hadilsabbagh18 I’ve seen that once…I have no idea why it was happening. I think I fixed it by reinstalling the inspect plugin and restarting chrome.


hmm, seems like it's not functional. got: java.lang.Exception: Not supported: class app.ui.root$eval41178$query_STAR___41179 when going to localhost:3000


I am using dynamic routing as per chapter 14 of book.fulcologic.comm I am routing successfully but I don't know how to get a blank page when I route away from my old page...any suggestions?