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Hey djblue, any suggestions on how to use portal as a "service" instead of something on demand?


Attempting to use it as a web-based db viewer for a bunch of datafyable stuff


Hi @chrisday0001, how much control are you looking for? Do you have an http server already or do you want to use the one in portal?


What platform are you using, I'm assuming jvm.


Also, how would you expect people to use the web-based db viewer?


Probably enough control that portal would become embedded in a larger webpage with some extra elements, depending on what makes sense to add to portal itself or not. Happy with using whatever http server. Rest of our code is jvm yes. I think minus the clj-http stuff it would be entirely portable to cljs though. Newish to cljs, been using clojure for years. Unsure. Enough that I think the idea would be to detach it from the repl and just run it in a browser. We’d serve some “seed” data and a datafiable/navigable implementation with it, but it’s client side from there on out.


I mostly wanted to hear your thoughts on whether this fits as part of portal before I started hacking it apart. I know currently it’s sort of a debug tool(?) but for me it’s a way to bring rebl to all our javascript devs that almost certainly don’t even have a jre installed.


This is a lot of good information. I think this definitely fits with how portal currently works. I do have some additional questions though.


Were you thinking about embedding the ui via react directly or via an iframe? I think both options could work. It's mostly around how much control you would like over the portal ui in the extended ui and what kind of api expectations you have.