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BTW, found out the problem with Chlorine not connecting on the first try on some circunstances


Somehow, seems like a race condition on the REPL - it prints the user => namespace multiple times after UNREPL starts 😞


Will fix in the newer version 🙂

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So it would show up on slower systems? Like my poor old 2012 Windows laptop...


@seancorfield not really: my computer is not slow, and for some reason I'm seeing this issue. I have no idea what's happening, seems to happen more on clj on my side instead of lein, for example, and for some reason it does not happen everytime (also trying to connect a second time seems to fix the issue)


I already pushed a fix on REPL-Tooling, will push a fix on Chlorine as soon as I make more tests and see if everything is working


BTW, I'm finding your parinfer a lot more "predictable" than the original version but it still sometimes catches me out... I'm still trying to nail down some repeatable scenarios...


Yes, to be honest, I'm also having some scenarios that I'm not sure if it's doing the right thing, but can't nail down what happens 😄