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@viebel I believe it is with core.async, when I python -m SimpleHttpServer upon the index.html I get the above error about the number of args.


Noticing that core.async is fixed in the project at a much older version, does it need a fixed version?


(I am having issue with data-external-libs, but I suspect that is because makes such heavy use of core.async)


I think something to note is that you can require the core.async libraries just fine, but when I attempt to use (go ..) blocks I have issues.

Yehonathan Sharvit04:09:30

I think I fixed it. I had to upgrade the analysis cache to the latest version of Andare - A fork of ported for use with self-hosted ClojureScript.


@viebel Yep, I just hard reloaded and it looks like things are loading properly now (I have made no code changes).


Thank you!