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Could someone point me to an example of using superlifter with lacinia but without pedestal? The lacinia example on the superlifter GitHub page assumes the use of pedestal.


oh oh I have one!


the lacinia namespace only has two things • an interceptor for starting a superlifter context (and companion fn for getting it back out) - you don't need these • the ->lacinia-promise fn which converts a promesa promise into lacinia promise - you will probably still want this

Lennart Buit20:09:47

Very cool, thats for sure! What makes it hard (assumption?) to add this with the edn based schema?


Have to be able to stream out the SDL equivalent to the EDN schema, omitting some things (like the defs for the various directives, like \@key). Also, there’s a few issues with the default names Lacinia uses for types containing operations (QueryRoot or Queries vs. Query).

Lennart Buit21:09:48

btw; on the omission of the federation specific directives (like you mentioned @key), that appears to have been taken care of in the apollo gateway:

Lennart Buit20:09:22

Right, that makes sense. Its probably with good reason, but having the schema SDL as a value in the federation schema always struck me as a bit odd

Lennart Buit20:09:54

(I expected like a metaschema like __schema, but oh well. Nothing to do about it)


Exactly, it seems like they could have used introspection to get all the data they need.