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The demo instance of pretty much works this way, it has some seed data with nav and datafy and no repl manipulation.


I was thinking of adding a js api for those aren't familiar with clojure, don't know if that would be useful to you or not.


Also, I'm planing to invest some time in improving the table viewer which should be useful to a db viewer so any feedback around that specifically would be helpful.


Not sure honestly. A react component would be interestingly reusable. I’ll take a look at how you set up the demo instance then, must’ve missed that the first time through. Depends on what your plans are, but I don’t think so for us? Some control might be useful if it’s a component though. Big fan of the table view (and the ui in general). It may interact with nav a little strangely, or I was clicking the wrong thing when going from table view back into a map. I’d have to confirm what actually happened. I’ll have more impressions soon most likely, only got to mess around with it for a bit today.