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I have an issue in my emacs (27.1 from where emacs sometimes hangs when I want to undo a change. I see a spinning beachball for ~20 seconds or more. It sometimes recovers, sometimes it doesn’t and I need to kill it. Anybody have any tips or useful resources for how to debug this?


Are you using undo-tree?


should I try getting rid of it? I also read about sending emacs SIGUSR2 but it stayed frozen…


undo-tree seems to be pretty buggy, I've experienced the same thing you're seeing, with it completely locking up and the only option being to kill emacs. I switched to undo-fu instead. It's much more basic and there are times where it seems to forget a lot of the undo history and only allow you to go back a few steps, but at least it doesn't hang.


in spacemacs you can't get rid of undo-tree completely, but you can disable it

(global-undo-tree-mode -1)
  (define-key evil-normal-state-map "u" #'undo-fu-only-undo)
  (define-key evil-normal-state-map "\C-r" #'undo-fu-only-redo)


and add undo-fu to dotspacemacs-additional-packages

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@plexus will give it a try, thank you!