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Mid-to-Senior Backend Developer / Clojure developer • Perm • London based preferred, any UK / Europe location considered • Position via recruitment consultant (who got me a job previously and is very professional) A Fintech company (trading) is looking to grow its team with an experienced (mid-to-senior) developer with 'devops' experience to design, build and scale an events-driven micro-services system in Clojure. Must haves: • Solid experience deploying into production with Clojure and Java • Experience configuring and using AWS • Experience with Kubernetes • Devops experience at all levels of environment (Edit: I assume this means dev, test, staging, prod) Good to haves • Experience using teraform (Edit: or able to convince them to use something else) • Experience using Datalog (Datomic, Crux, Datascript, etc) • Full stack experience DM me here on Slack for contact details if you are interested. Thank you.

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Both @U2J4FRT2T and @U9ABG0ERZ meet the requirements.

Matt W16:09:00

Hi all - I’m looking for 4x Senior Full Stack Engineers to join a scaling startup bank (perm, London, competitive salary + shares). All remote at the moment, remote interview process and remote onboarding. Some regular office time would be nice when safe to return (still very flexible though). Tech Stack: Clojure, Kafka, AWS, Docker, Terraform, React, ReactNative, Redux (don’t need all these skills, just looking for strong engineers who can hit the ground running and learn the gaps on the job). Please dm me for more info if interested… Thanks!

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