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@mfikes I wanted to try to fix #1029 but I can't get the test suite to pass. I've reverted to the current master and I keep getting an error at in the http-input-stream-test test. I thought the problem might have been that the URL that's checked is HTTP instead of HTTPS but it's not working no matter what I try—HTTPS, a different URL, nothing. Are you able to successful get the tests to pass?


This is the error message in the console:

FAIL in (http-input-stream-test) (file:44:173)
expected: (= 64328 (:file-size (io/file-attributes target-file)))
  actual: (not (= 64328 0))
./script/test: line 9: 527126 Killed                  script/test-unit


When I try to run in the REPL, I get no errors but if I look at the temp file that it's supposedly reading the data into, it's empty.


Any ideas?


$ plk
ClojureScript 1.10.597
cljs.user=> (require '[ :as io])
cljs.user=> (let [target-file (io/temp-file)]
       #_=>     (io/copy (io/input-stream "") target-file)
       #_=>     (= 64328 (:file-size (io/file-attributes target-file))))


@mike858 ^ working for me


Hmmm. Maybe something on the system I'm trying this on (it's the testing release of Debian). I'll try to build Planck from the most recent release of the source and see how I go.


Very strange. I don't get the error with the pre-built macOS version of Planck (v2.25.0) but I do get it when I build Planck from the v2.25.0 source on x86 Debian bullseye/testing (what will become v11). Given this version of Debian is pre-release, I don't know if it's worth much further exploration at this point. I might just submit the PR anyway and see how the automated testing goes.


I think I may have seen similar things on some CI builds... something may be wrong somewhere.