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Tamizhvendan S16:04:56

The latest release of HoneyEQL supports filtering

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you've used dashes in the folder name rather than underscores it seems

Reily Siegel18:04:41

I dont know how I missed that... PR merged, thank you!


i'm digging the lib. thanks!

Adam Helins19:04:24

"Void" release 1.0.0, a small library exclusively centered on nil :

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Lennart Buit20:04:46

That no-op function had me chuckle: This function does absolutely nothing, but at least its efficient about it.


(void/assoc {:a 1} :a nil) will remove :a 1 ?

Adam Helins06:04:38

No, it simply does not assoc it. For what you want there is assoc-strict which does exactly that.


We have assoc-some and update-some at work.

Adam Helins17:04:55

That kind of fns are often needed I find, at least to write less defensive code, that is why they are gathered in this small lib. Plus, fns such as dissoc-in which recursively dissoc empty maps in the path would be tiring to rewrite everytime.


is the large amount of whitespace in the source some sort of joke about emptyness aka nothing? 😆

Noah Bogart14:04:33

Yeah, the whitespace is a style I've never seen before. Any particular reasons?

Noah Bogart14:04:48

The library is very very cool. I'm gonna have to use this

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Adam Helins11:04:30

Oh, a peculiarity of mine I am afraid 😄 I assume people bothered by that will use cljfmt if needed 😉