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Aviv Kotek13:04:09

matplotlib equivalent in clj?  `vega/oz` would be enough? is there something else I should look on?  I see some cluttered reddit threads but not much more, ty


I'm writing (and rewriting now) cljplot. Also if you are not afraid interoperability take a look at clojisr and use ggplot2. Or call matplotlib via libpython-clj.


Incanter has a bunch of presets. Because Clojure is a relatively small community compared to e.g. JavaScript/JVM/Python, for this kind of thing (general-purpose problem that lends itself to a DSL with lots and lots of features and therefore bugs) I like piggybacking on solutions that aren't limited to our world. So I went with Vega (99% Vega-Lite), but other choices make sense too.

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Aviv Kotek07:04:21

curious if using libpython-clj and starting to embrace the interop would be a good way to deal with those stuff

Aviv Kotek07:04:24

will give it a look

David Pham09:04:30

Is there anything from vega or plotly that do not cover your need with matplotlib? I find the data orientation of these library better than calling functions on mutable objects.

Aviv Kotek11:04:58

I still haven;t looked deeply into vega, but generally I would like to have tools which are similar to matplotlib (without the need to learn a new 'language' over again on every data task in clojure)

Aviv Kotek11:04:42

i'll give it a look this week and let you know if I see anything. but for example yesterday I spent half a day trying to do a simple plot/scatter of words in 2d. then I used clj-xchart but it doesn't support text/tagging on the points themselves 😣


I'm not sure what you mean by 'new language on every data task' — Vega/Lite is a DSL, but a fairly thin one and it covers most data visualization.

Aviv Kotek20:04:40

yep, was upset with the need of a new DSL, by the way - it's awesome. the data concept is great. thanks


Practicalli broadcasts on getting started with data science visualization. I cover some basics of data extraction and transformation (, semantic-csv, metosin/jasonista), repl visualisation with ascii-graph and visualization with Oz (vega-lite).

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