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What kind of package are you making?


@bebuccianti Editor features powered by clj-kondo's static analysis. I have auto-completion working right now. Which is good enough for a v0.1 in my book. So trying to publish that. And I'm planning to add jump to definitions, find usages, and other such things


Sounds a great project, looking forward to trying it out when ready. Are you aware of ? I dont think it uses clj-kondo (it migh use joker, as its mentioned in the readme). It may provide some ideas and code to help. I have use the clj-kondo-lsp-server-standalone jar as a very basic Clojure LSP backend for linting in Spacemacs, it works very nicely (although it provides no difference to using clj-kondo as a flycheck backend.


Ya, going with lsp is more work, so I'm not doing that right now. But maybe when I'm done with this I could explore seeing if I can enhance clojure-lsp with some clj-kondo goodies. I think clojure-lsp could be a good foundation for supporting Vim and VSCode.


Though as en Emacs user, I may lack the motivation 😛