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Crux seems ideal for a traditional data warehouse. Do you know of a use case? What downsides would I need to address?


One limit I see using the jdbc node, is the number of rows in the tx_events table. For mssql, this is limited by storage


I've not yet spoken to anyone actively using Crux as a data warehouse as such, but certainly I see a lot of overlaps in capabilities. The biggest limitation is probably the shear amount of data that people want to store in a DW precludes Crux from being practical. Crux might be more suitable as a metadata system for a DW.


In regards the row limit, I guess we could shard across multiple tables once they're "full" without too much issue.


Will crux support SQL Server in the future, or can I override configuration to support mssql until it's available?


I think I saw in the previous Crux demo that it was already implemented in alpha on top of Calcite


Our Calcite work is to support SQL querying (via JDBC) but this is unrelated to crux-jdbc, which is exclusively about the underlying storage of transactions and documents in JDBC stores. Adding SQL Server support for crux-jdbc is definitely possible and something we would like to facilitate. @bocaj if you send us a brief email to <mailto:[email protected]|[email protected]> I'll add you to our beta Zulip stream to discuss possible timelines. In the meantime, forking your own crux-jdbc module to add mssql support is quite a feasible task though. There shouldn't be many changes required and there are plenty of tests to help sanity check 🙂 (and PRs are welcome too!)

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