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dpsutton01:04:17 rust language survey. Interesting questions and facets of analysis for their community


I'm looking for open source projects with large ClojureScript test suites. Anyone know of good candidates?

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@plexus What do you consider a "large ClojureScript test suite"? REPL-Tooling, the library that provides most of Chlorine's functionality, have about 316 matches running on Electron with devcards:


@plexus sci (Small Clojure Interpreter, used in babashka and other projects): > $ script/test/node > Ran 117 tests containing 367 assertions.


CLJS itself is also a good candidate maybe since it runs tests in self-hosted mode?


./scripts/ cljs

;; ======================================================================
;; Testing with Phantom:
Ran 96 tests containing 636 assertions.

;; ======================================================================
;; Testing with Node:
Ran 96 tests containing 636 assertions.


dumb question, but how do people feel about the .dev TLD being used in reverse domain notation for namespace names, ie dev.mydomain.mylib . Would you avoid it for serious stuff due to the convention of dev often referring to code used during development (ie the dev folder in a project root for example/develop-time code, etc). I got a cool short .dev domain and am debating using it in namespaces.

Alex Miller (Clojure team)15:04:52

Sounds cool to me

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I was never a java person before Clojure but I've always preferred when a package was just mydomain.mylib . Importing a namespace with "com" in it strikes me as even stranger although I get the argument for it


probably not good advice to listen to but just what i've always though


same boat as dpsutton, I always drop the tld bit


Yeah I normally am not thrilled to have to type out the extra stuff myself, but it's a 2 letter .dev domain so to me that doesn't apply as much here and i like the memorability


I keep the tld part for the groupid tho