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Good Morning!


I vaguely remember information that Taiwans democratic platform is written in Clojure. Can anyone confirm/refute?


Are you thinking of They got involved during the formation of vTaiwan, blog talks about it. Parts of it are, their math system for example: Not sure how officially any of it is integrated…


thanks for the pointer! I'll read up!


In case someone else is interested: it's very much in use. In Taiwan and other places as well. Links:

folcon18:04:05 thanks @UA2R84M28, I'll have a read :)...

Eamonn Sullivan10:04:47

Morning all. Another weekend, another weekend project. Last weekend, I did a little personal spike about using Clojure to search Github's public API. I needed to find repos in a particular organisation or login that are tagged with particular topics. This is what came out of it:, which I successfully published to Clojars and used in a simple cli to produce some JSON. This weekend, I'd like to produce an npm package that does the same thing, using a monorepo approach with some common code (.cljc). Can anyone think of an example (that I could crib from) of a tools-deps project that combines Clojure and shadow-cljs to publish both a Clojure lib and a node library?

Eamonn Sullivan10:04:33

Asking here because I'm not sure of the best channel (#clojure, #clojurescript, #shadow-cljs or #tools-deps) and I didn't want to spam all of those channels.

Eamonn Sullivan10:04:10

Ah, I'm shameless. Went ahead and spammed a few channels anyway.

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The combination of lockdown and unemployment is working well for me, tempered by peripheral awareness of the buffers with which I'm about to collide at speed. I've had time for hacking and learning, and I haven't been required to do it in blub. Feels like I've seldom been so productive for so little (a δ-neighbourhood of 0) material gain. If only "real life" was like this.


Yea, that’s the nice thing about what’s happening right now, bit of a renaissance on the fun coding side…

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I think that being unable to leave my other half's house has also helped. Most of my books are elsewhere, and so I've been reading in more depth instead of skipping from volume to volume. For the same reason, I haven't been tempted by aimless tinkering with Raspberry Pi bits and pieces.


Ohh, I’ve been thinking about a pi, and then I go, let’s not start a new thing right now, this is a great opportunity to finish stuff!


I love 'em - they give me a chance to play with the hardware that was my primary interest when I first got into computers as a child. I was particularly pleased to get a LoRa IoT gateway set up - looking at using the nodes to monitor temperatures inside a friend's beehives. Also put together a Kubernetes cluster running OpenFaas as a learning exercise:


Gave me an excuse to learn Rust, too (not that I really needed one). Wrote a small application to calculate sunrise/sunset times and take time-lapse images of my back garden, cross-compiled for ARM7. The greenery looks really bizarre in infrared. :face_with_rolling_eyes:


ok, that’s pretty cool =)…