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If I have custom jack-in-cljs process, how do I make cider pick up that the cljs repl has finished loading. Currently it gets stuck in `pending-cljs. I can type into the repl, but can't send stuff to it.


I guess something blew up on init if the REPL remained in pending state. You might try to evaluate the upgrade code manually and see what happens.


It was only a temporary problem. Restarted emacs again and it worked out fine.


Hi - if you edit a Java file on the classpath, then do a `lein javac`, is there anyway to get Cider to reload/refresh the Java class without having to bounce the repl?


@jonpither what would you do in a regular clj repl?


i'm not aware of anything special. i wonder if one of CIDER's existing features accomplishes this goal however


I seem to recall lein vigil was working well with CIDER.


giving it a whirl. Looks like it will work (my java and clj files in the same dir, so it reloads all of that when I touch a clj file)