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Drew Verlee16:09:03

In Pathom viz why do some of the indexs show up as different colors in i the "Index Explorer" tab?


purple: attributes blue: resolvers orange: mutations


is these colors you talking about?

Drew Verlee18:09:28

yes they are ty ty

Drew Verlee16:09:58

Whats an example of something that would go in Query > "Entity Data" ?


Entity data allows you to query for resolvers in pathom-viz and provide data to the resolver (or upstream resolvers). For example, let’s say you only have the following resolver:

(pc/defresolver full-name
  [{:user/keys [first-name last-name]}]
  {:user/full-name (str first-name " " last-name)})
If you were to query for [:user/full-name] as a top-level key, you wouldn’t get it back b/c :user/first-name and :user/last-name are needed as inputs (and pathom can’t get to either of those attributes to fulfill the inputs of :user/full-name ). You can inject those keys via entity data :
{:user/first-name "Jane"
 :user/last-name "Doe"}
and then when you query for [:user/full-name] you’ll get {:user/full-name "Jane Doe"}.

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yes, entity data is top level provided data


note the auto-complete (in the query part) is sensitive to it, if you change the data it will affect the auto-complete options (considering the provided data)

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I'm using Pathom + Walkable in a new SPA (not Fulcro). I'm wondering about client said query caching and have been google around the react world at stuff like Does anyone have any suggestions for resources or know of a cljs/pathom existing solution?


I think Fulcro is state of the art atm