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is it just style or is there 1 way that is more idiomatic in clojure?

(-> (curr-proj-sln) collect-comps-and-post)
(collect-comps-and-post (curr-proj-sln))

;; it would be in the context of a project that uses -> a lot


Not sure if either is more idiomatic than the other. Both look fine to me.


I prefer to avoid threading in cases like this, but I don't think that opinion is broadly shared.


If you’re only nesting one fn inside another, it’s likely six of one half a dozen of the other as to which style you use. I tend to use arrows for three or more operations in a row, just for easier readability.

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Johan Thorén12:09:54

I also tend to use threading macros for 3 or more operations. In the examples above I don't see any readability improvement from using it, it rather makes it more complex.


only using -> for 3+ sounds reasonable