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Hi I'm playing around with the tick library. Since (between commit 71d7d0262f964606b9072e25811fc80a8b98cefe and b0ac0ccf44c0db528275f7a98c63ad825b6c7d59) the following example in the docs doesn't work anymore: (t/+ (t/time "12:00") (t/new-duration 5 :minutes)) I saw in a previous doc string on tick.alpha.api/+ that t/>> should be used instead. I assume this is intended behavior because (t/>> (t/time "12:00") (t/new-duration 5 :minutes)) has the same result. Should the examples in the the docs be updated when dates/time are shifted with t/+ -> t/>> and t/- -> t/<<?


thanks. the docs have moved now and are up to date. link on the readme has changed

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Hi @simon.el.nahas. We have updated the docs... But pushing them out is taking a while. Master branch is all up to date