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io.github.seancorfield/build-clj {:git/tag "v0.2.2" :git/sha "5a12a1a"} -- a wrapper for with a lot of sane defaults to reduce boilerplate -- • Now includes an uber task -- which includes merging of log4j2 plugins cache files! • Accepts many more options per underlying tasks so you can still customize "everything" when using build-clj • Overhauls/expands docstrings and readme • Updates to v0.4.0 Follow-up in #tools-build

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Why use bb for the alias of your lib instead of e.g. cb (corfield build)?

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Because b is the example given for and bb seemed natural for an adjunct to that.




Will folks maybe get confused that bb relates to babashka in some way?

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I guess Sean isn't aware of how many times some people type those letters every day in their terminal ;)


I would have used just b for the alias but already used that, and this is a "better build". Folks can of course use whatever aliases they want, but all my OSS projects that use build-clj use bb for it so I want to keep that consistent between those projects and build-clj itself.


I remember one discussion about an algorithm to automatically suggest aliases based on some heuristics in clj-kondo. I think I also remember why that never got written. If the library was named I think the alias would have made a lot more sense.


Naming is hard! ¯\(ツ)


So @U04V70XH6 you do know that the babashka executable is named bb right? I think this is what @U04V15CAJ is alluding to as a potential source for confusion.


I have heard of babashka yes.


Ok cool, just thought there was maybe some bb misunderstanding in the back and forth - I think that there isn’t! simple_smile


I just don't think anyone is going to confuse, say, the set shell command with the set alias for clojure.set, so I'm not sure why anyone thinks that a bb command and a bb alias for a namespace is going to cause confusion either?


Yeah, you could be right there! Perhaps just a case of babashka zealotry on my part!


I’ve seen several snippets with this alias and every time I cringe since the alias seems out of place and indeed is very much associated with bb (babashka). The corfield project is still young so it’s still a good time to change your mind, but it doesn’t seem like you’re open to this. At least I’ve tried.


I'm sorry you "cringe" but that's really on you. No one "owns" an alias or an acronym.


Anyone who doesn't like bb as a namespace alias will just pick something else.


The "general recommendation" for aliases is to use the last ns segment if it's unique, else either the prior segment or a "grouped" segment name -- but :as b doesn't follow that. I am targeting so bb is pretty natural as a wrapper/higher-level ns. At work we use our build.clj as a "REPL" so we run clj -M:build -i build.clj -r and then it's all (build/whatever {}) in the REPL so that's another reason why I didn't want to use build as the alias for


You're right, I'm moving on, just wanted to get this off my chest :).