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I want to make sure I'm understanding this (can't scroll up far enough to see where this was previously spoken about), bricks (components and bases), should not depend on other bricks directly, but can depend on libraries. Projects are used to pull different bricks together...


This approach allows you to swap out components with the same interface in projects, if a base depends on a component directly, you can't swap out the component via the project


Yes, that鈥檚 correct @allandaviesza.



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depstar has been archived, after a final release (2.1.303) to fix an argument parsing bug I introduced back in 2.1.245. I'll try to carve out some time this week to get a PR up that switches the building part of poly over build-clj (my high-level wrapper around [edited: I thought create project added depstar into new projects but I see now it does not -- which makes sense: users can build projects however they want!]

Karol W贸jcik18:09:18

Huh. So poly cli can build project?


poly create project ... creates a project folder that has no specific "build" machinery but the poly README has an example of augmenting the generated deps.edn there to add depstar, which I want to change to talk about adding a minimal build.clj and :build alias instead, so you'd use clojure -T:build uberjar instead of clojure -X:uberjar.


But the "building part" I'm talking about above is how the poly tool itself is built into an uberjar, which currently uses depstar.

Karol W贸jcik12:09:44

Ohh. Thank you! Understood


Hmm, that may end up being several PRs because there are several relatively unrelated uses of depstar throughout the Polylith repo. I'd mostly like to get the README updated and any examples. The actual building of poly can switch later.


I agree that tools.buildis the right way to go, both internally when we build poly.jar and in the examples in the readme. It would be really great if you could help out with that @U04V70XH6. Then I could include it in the next planned release. I haven鈥檛 checked this with @U2BDZ9JG3 yet, but I think he would prefer to switch to too.


I'll see what time I can carve out for this over the next week or two...

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