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Is there some way of passing additional data with ::p/continue? I'd like to have several resolvers with different authentication strategies try to resolve the same attribute (and ::p/continue if they fail); and ideally I'd like to differentiate between ::p/not-found and ::auth/forbidden if they all fail. If this is currently not feasible, is this a use-case that can be considered for the upcoming new reader?


maybe using error instead of continue, similar to "continue", an error will trigger other options, and in a post-process you can convert those errors in forbidden, makes sense?


Yeah, make sense; an authentication error could be considered the same class of problems as an arbitrary error thrown by a resolver. This can then be post-processed in multiple ways (show all errors, silently drop, etc). I guess the only wrinkle is you can't return a partial result (e.g. some connect attributes are OK, others forbidden), so you need separate resolvers for attributes that may be forbidden. That's probably not a bad trade-off to avoid complicating the code paths. 🙂 Thanks!


I think this is something interesting to consider about error handling in pathom 3, in the current only the last error remains, but I think could be more interesting to see all that happened, not just the last error

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hello everyone, I wrote a post about some of the updates about Pathom 3, you can find it at:

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another news, I recently released [com.wsscode.pathom "2.3.0-alpha13"] 🎉, this version ports back the defresolver from Pathom 3 to Pathom 2, this defresolver reduces the boilerplate required on some resolvers, it can make some inputs and outputs implicit, for example:

; before alpha13
(pc/defresolver full-name [env {::keys [first-name last-name]}]
  {::pc/input  #{::first-name ::last-name}
   ::pc/output [::full-name]}
  {::full-name (str first-name " " last-name)})

; after alpha13, this can reduce to
(pc/defresolver full-name [{::keys [first-name last-name]}]
  {::full-name (str first-name " " last-name)})
Check the defresolver docstring for details of the syntax.

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there was a bug with implicit inputs on alpha13, please update to alpha15 to fix


Nice! I am eager to try v3