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What is the status of Babashka on Raspberry Pi? I just upgraded to a Pi 4 and am interested in trying to get a build of Babashka there, but it looks like there isn't much prior art (it's a little hard even to find build instructions for GraalVM).


i haven't tried recently, but this issue has a record of bits that i think could be useful if one were going to try:

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aren't there any free CI services that can build for Raspberry 4?


I don't have one myself. If I would and if it would have 4-8 GB of memory and if it could run GraalVM for ARM, I would put some time in it.


If I were to give a talk on babashka/sci again, what would you like to see covered? I already did two talks, so maybe this is an opportunity to dive into some specifics.


I think a talk on internals / implementation details would be awesome!

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I was thinking the same.


After listening to your appearance on Jacek Shae's podcast yesterday, I was thinking that I'd like to see you and Chris Nuernberger discuss the performance limitations of Clojure as a platform, what they are, and how to get around them. Not directly related to what you're asking for, though.


Clojure-lanterna is now included as an optional feature, work is done by @kevin.van.rooijen, thanks! Example script:

(require '[lanterna.terminal :as terminal])

(def terminal (terminal/text-terminal))

(terminal/start terminal)
(terminal/put-string terminal "Hello TUI Babashka!" 10 5)
(terminal/flush terminal)



I think you should check the license. Lanterna license is LGPL. So statically linked code is prohibited I guess (but I'n not a lawyer). Only dynamic linking (as external jar library) is allowed.


@U097654L8 @kevin.van.rooijen and I checked and this seems to be the case for proprietary code only? Anyway, I'm not distributing this, it's a feature toggle


But a pod is a possibility to get this covered either way, which might be cool


I made an issue here: in case you figure something out


But good point, we also wondered about this