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Is "View as -> Clojure defrecord" broken in the Debugger Variables panel? Because it doesn't allow me to expand an instance.


I’m not sure, a couple of people have reported issues with records, I’ll take a look.

bmo 3

I noticed that :extra-paths in deps is basically unusable in the latest Cursive EAP. I created a new project based on deps.edn and cursive fails to parse/highlight and load everything listed in :extra-paths dirs. I'm using the latest stable tools.deps.


I’ll take a look at that - no-one else has reported anything so I’d be surprised at a problem like that slipping through.


I did a clone of an existing project into a new repo and imported that. There are no problems with the original repo (created and imported in an older version).


I tried to create a repro project so I tried to re-do everything but everything is normal this time. No idea what went wrong last time. There was no error in the first nor the second time. Rather don't waste time on this one. I'll create an issue in the tracker if I bump into it once more.


Ok, thanks, and I’ll try to repro Kenny’s issue tomorrow.