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Hello 🙂 I was hoping that someone else may have explored the territory of AWS CodeBuild and the JUnit reports that they support. I don't have much luck in having my JUnit XML (produced via kaocha-junit-xml) producing anything useful in CodeBuild. I do suspect there is an issue in how the XML file is processed as I have just completed setting up Jenkins and done the same build on there with somewhat greater success (other than test duration reported in... years (1 year, 6 months 😛). So my question is simply whether someone uses AWS CodeBuild and whether they are having good results, and willing to share a pinch of knowledge.


I tried this when AWS first released support for junit reports in codebuild, but ended up deciding it wasn't worth the effort. It's not a very robust parser and the UI is still terrible anyways


sorry I can't help more then just telling you, "I gave up" 🙂


😄 Fair enough! Thank you. I'm in a tight spot so just going with "it's a fairly new service" and show what I have.


junit.xml is not as well standardized as one would hope... it seems every service has slightly different expectations. if you can find examples of xml files that they are able to read then we can go from there and see if we can improve our output.


Yeah, that's true, unfortunately. What I'm able to figure out is that it appears to be a case of interpretation of what the number of tests and number of failures mean (with reference to CodeBuild). It complains that the status count cannot be negative, and currently the only way I'm able to reproduce the error is if I, say, have 1 namespace, 2 tests, and 1 test has 1 is-assertion, and the other test has multiple is-assertions and they fail, then the number of failures is greater than the number of tests and the only way to get a negative count of some sort.


I don't know if I'm wrong in having multiple assertions per test :thinking_face: