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Does anyone know the cause of this error?

java.lang.NullPointerException: Cannot invoke "jdk.javadoc.internal.doclets.formats.html.HtmlConfiguration.getOptions()" because "this.configuration" is null
It is preventing me from bumping nrepl dependencies.


this doesn't seem CIDER related? no idea what is going on here


It only happens when I bump the dependencies of nrepl/nrepl and cider/cider-nrepl


Currently we are on older versions in an alias. Which runs fine. But doing the default jack-in by calva it fails and even using the latest versions of these dependencies causes the same issue.


have you got any more of the stack trace?


also, can you leave out cider-nrepl and just run from the command line?


Yes I can do it from the command line when I run clj


It’s just when I try and jack in using calva that issues are arising


do you get the error when leaving out cider-nrepl from the command line? or does it make it to a repl?


No I can run a repl from command line


have you got more of the stack trace?


@U11BV7MTK this might not be the best place/way to share stack traces? I can also paste it directly in channel in a code block?


open an issue in orchard with this stack trace if you could

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i think there's been some work in this recently and someone might have context


Actually let me just get a new one. Because that was when I was doing this from lein


Runs fine on

{cider/cider-nrepl           {:mvn/version "0.19.0"}
 nrepl/nrepl                 {:mvn/version "0.5.3"}}


what's your jvm version?


i saw it had a decent message for the NPE


Yep the latest reported issue seems to be the same as I am encountering.

Ben Sless18:10:59

Hi All, I hope it's okay to share this here. This small package wouldn't have been possible without you (and it's built on top of CIDER).


Hi guys, pretty new to Clojure/Emacs but I was wondering, given the existence of the datafy and nav protocols, I dont think Ive seen alternative implementations of REBL in Emacs/Cider. Are there any plans? I'm actually also interested in helping out


I've found the Cider Inspector to be incredibly useful to explore large and nested data structures, even some Clojure transforms of some nearly data science data. I have not yet seen much about datafy or nav, so it's unclear what I am missing. I have had Congitect REBL connected to the Cider session, so all evaluation is also shown on REBL, but haven't used it that much. I seem to be missing understanding about the tool.


Ohh, TIL that there's a CIDER inspector. I'll check this out later! From the few vids/articles I've watched/read, REBL has an implementation + UI of the datafy / nav protocols


I would like to know more about datafy and nav, its on my todo list (which is very long)