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portal 0.6.0 The main highlights are the new command palette and keyboard shortcuts!

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djblue00:10:42 is also up-to-date with these changes if you wanted to play with the demo


I use the emacs nord theme and clojure syntax highlighting doesn't look like portal's (which is much better IMHO). Any idea what it would take to port portal's nord color choices to emacs and clojure mode?


@U0P7ZBZCK I'm not sure how to setup an emacs theme but you can find the colors I used here


Defteron 0.4.0: Now handles properly serialization/deserialization of structs and messages. 🙂

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Ben Sless18:10:40

clj-decompiler.el - A small Emacs package to decompile JVM Clojure code at point like you would macro expand

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😮 thanks!

Reshef Mann07:10:13

@UK0810AQ2 What about vim users? 😉

Ben Sless07:10:33

@U015R6SQ77Z never heard of them 🙃 You're welcome to use the excellent vim implementation available for Emacs. emacs