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Has anyone experienced exception output interrupting print output in the log buffer?

; eval (current-form): (some-expression
; (err) Execution error (ClassCastException) at (REPL:1).
; (err) null
; (out) {:coll (
; --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
I am on an earlier version of conjure


Hmm so you're seeing err output and then stdout?


I'd love to see a minimal repro for this if you can find one :thinking_face: I appreciate that it might be super tricky though


yeah, I'd love to provide a minimal repro -- though we're in a firedrill at the moment. was generally curious if this had come up. I"m able to work around it with the old core.async log channel trick


Oh no! Definitely deal with that first. It does seem like it's a feature rather than a bug at first glance, but I could definitely be wrong. Like you have two chunks of code running and one is throwing an error while the other prints out. But I may be totally misunderstanding.


Is it mashing together the two output strings? Because I didn't get that impression but that'd be BAD


I may have seen mashing at one point when we were printing more than one thing, but in the case above it's just truncating the print output


I suspect this isn't related to conjure at all, just wanted to check though if on the off chance it rang any bells


Hmm well if it can be reproduced consistently then I'll take a deep dive to try and work out if it's Conjure


The other way of checking is run the same code in a regular nREPL


If it looks fine there, then Conjure is probably doing something weird


And I guess not nREPL at the CLI as started by Lein, but a nREPL connected to the port to properly simulate it