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haven't seen any anomolies in 2.0.127 on a clj/cljs project. Will be working it on the cljs/node stuff tm.

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Hmm for some reason vscode has stopped accepting Calva’s keyboard shortcuts on my machine. I was using the vsix of 2.0.127 (see above) but after downgrading to 2.0.126 the problem persists. Has anyone seen this before? How do I fix this? Restarting etc doesn’t do the trick 😞


Ah found the problem. Apparently Calva has a feature “Toggle Keybindings Enabled”. I must have accidentally issued that keyboard combo. Very confusing, but solved. 🙂

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Thanks for letting us know. It's new feature. Maybe we should show more clearly when they are toggled...


Yeah having a message popping up would be nice. And maybe not having a keyboard shortcut for this command...?


I think it is a point with it having a shortcut. But you are right, anyone that wants to use it like that can add a shortcut. If you sneak a removal of the shortcut in with your PR, I'll look away. 😃


Yeah, the shortcut was added by the person who made the PR because they use this feature very often, and even having to click a toggle button in the status bar was inconvenient to them. But I was worried about the lack of notification when they're turned off too. I think we had decided to wait and see how it goes. That user didn't want notifications popping up constantly either since they use that feature often. But at the same time, I don't think many people would use it that often


No it sounds like an esoteric thing. Just out of curiosity: what was their use case?


It seems quite small/specific of a use-case as stated in that issue, overall, imo.


I feel like there was more to it before though... :thinking_face:


Ok maybe removing the default keyboard shortcut and having that person assign their own would be an option?


Yeah, I think that's a good idea




Having coded in vscode before clojure I also use ctrl arrow for navigation. It's consistent with terminal as well (jumps a word). I also miss multi line editing sometimes.


Just my 2c


Yeah, so then this feature could come in handy for you, right?


yes, I used control navigation extensively in day to day shell scripting and when editing other software (even here in slack when I wish to jump words and correct some typo)


in bash it is very handy when editing long comand lines that I need to adapt. I use it with reverse history search (ctrl+R) to look for and edit entries. Doesn't everybody 😄 ?


It would be great if the clojure structural editing did not overlap with ctrl arrow navigation but I guess it's a limitted number of keys on the keyboard.


Why don’t you remap them to suit you better?


For me I guess it's not my thing. I try to stay away from key binding changes to be able to work on many systems/editors. This tends to happen for me. Muscle memory builds up. Some keybindings are standardized and changing them means I have to maintain them across every computer or when I reinstall. I also switch over a bunch of editors and I appreciate the natural consistency among them. So far this Calva ctrl-arrow navigation has had the biggest impact. I'm slowly getting used to it for structurlal editing so I guess the inconvenience will diminish over time


Until we find what should be the default keybindings on windows and linux. 😃


yeah 🙂. The 2 things I miss when using Calva are: • Multi line edit - for editing maps and data structures on multiple lines - happened once or twice • ctrl-arrow navigation - I fumble them almost daily (new to structural editing)


You mean multi-cursor paredit, right?


is that different from plain text multi line edit ?


is multi-cursor paredit a thing, I did not know ?


Tell me what you are trying to do that does not work. 😃


I had a vector? that I wanted to turn into a map structure and multi cursor / multi line edit was a good fit there


it was a data structrue change for lots of values


not a structural editing as calva / lisp knows it


The thing that I am not grokking here is why non-structural-multiline/cursor editing wouldn’t work. I do multi-cursor editing all the time. And every day I wish it worked with paredit as well. There is an issue for that, btw:

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Yeah, multi-line editing works for me, just not with paredit


I too, had to get used to not using ctrl+arrows within Calva, but my brain is trained now to still use it elsewhere and not within Calva, for the most part. In Calva my brain is now trained to use ctrl+arrows for slurp and barf (though mostly just use slurp)


The issue is partly one of limited available shortcuts, as you said


FYI: my colleague and I have used live share all day today with the new version (2.0.127) and we had no issues 🎉

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I've used a merge of 127 and @brandon.ringe's draft PR with saner stack traces. No issues with 127 stuff. (Not using it for LiveShare, but anyway.)

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Oh and most of the day we had four different workspaces jacked in AND live-shared at the same time 😀

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Cool to hear this LiveShare is working. I am super curious about using it. Is there a write up about how that workflow looks. Or a recording?


Also slight tangent. I am getting this error when I try and jack into the Datahike project. java.lang.NullPointerException: Cannot invoke "jdk.javadoc.internal.doclets.formats.html.HtmlConfiguration.getOptions()" because "this.configuration" is null Seems it could be a cider-nrepl / nrepl related issue? Has anyone seen this before?


That’s my bad for not checking. This is actually a known issue.

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This is super confusing as to how to deal with this. I am currently adding nrepl dependencies into the project and trying to find ones that work together. Is there a better approach to this? @U0ETXRFEW


I’ve gone from being able to easily start a repl to not being able to start one at all lol

Alex Browne22:10:15

I'm running into the same issue. Is there a workaround or solution here?

Alex Browne22:10:17

I found a workaround. Downgraded to JDK 14 using Restarted VS Code and then it worked.


We are planning to create both write up and video :)

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Will this be located with the Calva docs? Or separate?


Write up in docs for sure


Sweet. I am excited about using this for Mob programming


Nice!! That sounds like a great opportunity for a nice blog post 😉

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would love a walk through with the team sometime if you have time available for doing this