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Hi, I've written a test for a concurrency-related batch resolver issue I'm experiencing when using the current release: I'd appreciate it if some people could run it and see if the issue also occurs with their setup. The original test only failed about 50% of the time for me, so I'm running it 5 times within a single test run. The expected outcome should be: fails with master, works with the changes in the PR. Thanks!

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Hi, i’m rrunning into a weird issue where I’m getting “Mutation not found” errs in inspect, even though the mutation executed fine on the server. In addition, running the mutation directly in the server repl works fine as well and doesn’t return the error


@eoliphant this is a inspect bug, the parser on the Fulcro Inspect is not properly reading the mutation responses, the query runs, but you don't get the output back


Ok cool. Just wanted to make sure it wasn't something I did lol


[com.wsscode/pathom "2.2.31"] is out! This release adds the fix @ak407 made for parallel batch concurrency issue, thanks!

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