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I want a spec that accepts nilable values but does not generate them. So far I'm going with a macro like the following. Is there a better way to do this? Is wanting to do this an indicator that I'm making a bad design decision? The motivation is that I'm working with a db schema that allows NULL but my validation on data coming from users will prevent incoming nil values. I want my generators to simulate user-supplied data going into the DB and not data coming out of the existing DB.


(defmacro def-spec-nilable-non-nilable-generator
  [kw spec]
  `(s/def ~kw
      (s/nilable ~spec)
      (constantly (s/gen ~spec)))))


Does anybody know of anything resembling linear temporal logic (or something weaker but still useful for describing sequences) for spec?


I do not know if this is anywhere near what you are looking for, but a Google search for the terms "clojure linear temporal logic" turned up this project:


Spec I am sure has nothing built in for this, except the general purpose escape hatch of letting you use arbitrary functions you write that return true/false as specs -- which is a huge enabler for anything you can write code for.


It won't necessarily help you generate random instances satisfying that function -- that is separate work you would need to do if you wanted that capability.